God Of War PS2 Game


CM_AP_300X250_B God of War is an adventure-action story-based game. The game is set in ancient Greece with the gods on Olympus to develop the plot and gameplay. Players will also admire the majestic scenery in the land of Greece or the residence of the god, which is Mount Olympus. The main character in the story will be Kratos, a demigod whose father is the great Zeus, because of the desire for power, he sold the soul to the god of war, Ares. The game has an in-depth storyline, along with a deep character development that makes every detail in the game interlinked. Players not only enjoy a great storyline but will also admire the power and human appearance of each god. CM_AP_300X250_B

The game features gameplay developed in the style of hack n slash and introduces a special upgrade system. The game will have the surrounding designed authentically, so that everything can be interacted freely, including enemies. Kratos’ story will begin after Ares has taken advantage of him, from which the path of revenge will begin from the mortal world to Mount Olympus. The game will use Greek mythology, along with monsters in Greek legends, to develop gameplay along with the plot. Players will encounter the gods, along with entities that appear only in legends along the way and fight them in death battles. The game also uses the voiced character, thereby making the cutscene more dramatic, appealing, and intense than eve CM_AP_300X250_B .


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