Pokemon Little Root


Littleroot is a small village located in southern Hoenn, and the first settlement that the player encounters. After choosing your trainer's name and gender, you appear in the back of a moving truck. Upon exiting the truck, you will appear in front of the Western house if you chose to be male, and the Eastern house if you chose to be female. Additionally, your mother will guide you into the house after asking how the ride in the back of the truck was .

Once you enter your home, you will notice some mover's Pokémon unloading your family's belongings. Your mother will tell you to set your clock in your room upstairs. The time you enter affects some events in the game, so make sure you set it to what you want. Upon doing so, your mother will come upstairs and remind you to check your desk for anything you need. On said desk, you will find a manual with instructions on how to save your game inside, and a PC with a Potion inside, so be sure to grab it! After this, head downstairs.

When you come downstairs, the mover's Pokémon have left, and your mother calls your over to the TV, stating that your father is on the news. However, the program unfortunately ends as soon as you come over. Your mother will tell you to talk about how one of your dad's friends who also lives in Littleroot Town, and he's called Professor Birch. Y'know, the person who helped you choose your name and gender? She also states that he lives right next door, in the opposite house to you, and that you should go and meet him .

Once that is over and done with, there's nothing left but to head out into the outside!


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